The Collected Bulletins Of President Idi Amin
"as taken down verbatim in the pages of Punch each week" by Alan Coren
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All O' De People
De Way To De Stars
Puttin' De Record Straight
Our Man In Kampala
Part One: De Gadarene Storm
A Word F'om De Sponsor
Me An' Smitty
Gunboat Dipperlomacy
De Great Nixon Cock-Up
Special Relationship
Buck House Blues
De Whitehall Snub
Canadian Capers
Where Is You, Adolf
De Secret
Give Us Charisma
How Go De Empire
Blackin' Up
Me An' Tolstoy
Hedgin' De Bets
De Final Solution
De Colleckerted Works
Princess Anne
Red Sales In De Sunset
De Chrissermus Broadcast
De Italian Job
Year O' Decision