Collected Broadcasts of Idi Amin

'Read Dis Book'
(Our Ugandan Reviewer — Punch)
From 'The Collected Bulletins Of President Idi Amin' by Alan Coren

'Once in a lifetime, a book comin' down de pike wot makin' de whole career o' us top reviewers worth while. It hittin' de desk wid a smack wot echoin' roun' de lit'ry world, it changin' de whole face o' literature, it makin' mankind git up offo' de bum an' cry: "Dis de real thing!" . . . an' de opinion o' us leadin' critics is rush out now an' git in on de groun' floor of a noo lit'ry era, wot sixty pee compared wid de chance to git de senses ravished an' de eyes opened an' de brain reelin' wid de wunnerful insights, top words, etcetera, not to mention de dozens o' superb photos o' de author wot gracin' almost every page.

'How we able to begin to describe wot goin' on inside de marvellous covers wid de superb photos o' de author, makin' it a must fo' de coffee-tables every-where? As de maggernificent prose unfoldin', wid its smart sentences, many o' dese put into convenient paragraphs an' covered in top punctwation, we seein' not only a unbiased insight into de emergence o' de great Ugandan nation, we also privileged to watch de worl's foremost soul gittin' it all off o' his chest, settin' down de innermost thoughts in a vocabberlary wot runnin' into hunnerds, many wid up to two syllables. It got adjectives, it got verbs, it got many o' civilisation's mos' famous nouns. It a combination o' Marcel Proops an' Harold Robbins an' Arthur Mee, it packed wid plot an' excitement an' information, it got laughs an' tears, it got de joy ant de sufferin', an' in de informed critical opinion o' dis reviewer it amazin' if someone not steppin' in damn soon an' snappin' up de fillum rights an' de tee vee rights'

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