Mini-Stories for Boys and Girls
by W.A. Tyler

The stories average less than 100 words each and each make a point that would interest a child. There are 26 different little stories which would be suitable as bed-time stories or provide something to think about in idle moments, adding interest to life and seasoning it with humour.

Tig The Pig Saving For A Rainy Day The Perfect Bear
Choco The Flower And The Tree Bath-Time
Only A Weed The Bald Uncle School Days
Crown Of Thorns The Painted Jar The Baby Spider
Mirror Of More The Cool Shadow Fire!
The Frolic Watch The Watch The Blond Fairy
Creation The Flowers And The Bee Pup's Love
Lettuce Pray Flies Fly Pretty Boy
The Sentimental Necklace Belly-Squasher
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