Scenario 1 - Acquiescence and Surrender.
A Possible Result of the Race Crisis in the USA (2001)

Scenario 1 (whites' acceptance of a non-white America) is the most probable future because it is already the officially enforced and unquestioned orthodoxy of the nation. Despite talk-show skirmishing over minor degrees of social spending, taxes and racial policy, the Republican party today is a carbon copy of the Democratic party. Both fully endorse the core concept of racial integration along with the big-government welfare state to support it. No Republican or Democrat dares question this now-established doctrine. Both alike condemn as "racist" any white resistance to this four-decade-old dogma. Liberal Democrats have always championed non-white immigration to broaden their base; Republicans now copy-cat the same tactics (candidate G.W. Bush blatantly courting the Hispanic vote). Politicians have long since ceased being constitutional statesmen; they cling ever to their own foremost priority, re-election by any means including non-white voting blocs — no matter the long-range consequences for their country. (7)

Euro-white Apathy
Strangely, or eerily, Euro-whites don't resist this sure path to their own racial extinction, accepting it meekly without a whimper. Indeed, many champion the racial integration policies which guarantee their own demise. Why such apathy when facing one's own racial suicide? First of all, such a fate seems remote, abstract, affecting only unborn far-future grandchildren. Secondly, massive white-flight still protects their own all-white suburban lives and cultural identity. A head-in-the-sand blot-out of remote futures is safe insulation from far-away consequences. Secluded in all-white suburbia for the present, whites can bask in self-righteous atonement for long-ago slavery and noble advocacy of non-white advances — but at a comfortable (or hypocritical) distance. Third is the daily media propaganda of white evil. Naively buying into misinformation and shamed as "oppressors," whites atone with self-sacrificing "Christian" altruism, voting with kind heart and altruistic sentimentality for every non-white agenda (immigration, minority rights, welfare, integration). Historians of the future will dub it the "great white folly" of the 21st century.

In one word, "altruism" is the Euro-white "Achilles heel" — its fatal "hamartia." (8) The warm heart blinds the cool head. America's original "age of reason" slides into our new " age of sentimentality". Among the contributing factors are a soft "feminizing" of America, wild excesses of new "constitutional rights" and high-tech media indoctrination. For a half-century people have been absorbing their information from daily floods of sensation-rich TV images and slogans instead of books and in-depth thought. Feeling and emotion overpower intellect and thinking. In an image-mad media world, logic is smothered, slogans replace substance. The ironic result: whites, only 8% of the world's population — and shrinking, let their altruism run wild in helping non-white races overwhelm their own everywhere. The apathy of many Euro-whites is merely daily rat-race busyness, too busy with demanding careers, earning a livelihood and paying unprecedented taxes to the welfare state. No time to analyze America's suicidal racial transformation. And nightly TV, with its constant racial-diversity propaganda, lulls them into comfortable acquiescence.

A final reason for white apathy: appeasement to angry non-white activists seems a slight price for peace and security. Many remember and fear the enraged race rioting of blacks in the 1960s, burning entire areas of major cities including the downtown heart of the U.S. capital. And, recently, a black activist to a non-white crowd with open arrogance: "Remember, soon there'll be more of us than them;" and California Hispanic leader Mario Obledo: "California will be a Hispanic state, anyone who doesn't like it should leave;" and, at the university brainwashing level, Harvard lecturer and white-liberal Noel Ignatiev widely urging (as in Insight, November 1999) the need to "abolish the white race by any means necessary."

Although Euro-whites are still America's majority race in the year 2000 and could reverse the suicidal trend if they chose to (see Scenarios 2, 3 and 4 below), they probably won't. Or wake up from apathy to their altruistic blunder much too late. By mid-century, two generations of Euro-white young will be fully indoctrinated into Government centralized power and racial dogma. If Euro-whites fail to awaken in time to change the nation's course, the following details of Scenario 1 are logical and readily anticipated projections deep into the next century.

"Big Brother" and Compassionate Martial Law
Well before 2050 the gradual reinterpretation and deconstruction of the Constitution will be completed, totally opposite its original meaning and principles. Centralized Government power and cultural Marxism will be firmly in control of every state, community and individual in America.(2) Court rulings and presidential Executive Orders (EOs), already in 2000 authorizing martial law in Government-defined emergencies, will proliferate into a police-state web. The crime waves, school shootings, terrorist bombings, racial tensions and drug trafficking, rampant in the 1990s, provide the pretence for accelerated Government police operations — and the usual tax hikes to finance them. For efficient law enforcement and its central coordination, the U.S. armed services will expand to control, then later replace, civilian police nationwide. This de facto repeal of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 (amplifying the 4th Amendment to protect citizens from federal armed might) began in the late 1980s, then accelerated by presidential EOs into a U.S. "protective" police state.(9)

Federal data bases, especially at the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), will record every detail of private lives, all subject to Government scrutiny as federal protection of the people requires. Federal agents, powered with high-technology electronics and satellites, will routinely monitor e-mail and Web sites, search homes and businesses for evidence of criminal or seditious activity (as defined by Government), especially computer hard disks. The "Human Genome" project, completed in early century, soon fills government files with the complete genetic DNA code of all citizens, linked to their social security numbers, IRS and FBI files. Encryption in all private communication is outlawed. Tiny video cameras monitor everyone in offices, factories, agencies and targeted private homes suspected of criminal or seditious activity. As dramatized in the Orwellian world of 1984, suspects include everybody.

The creepy feeling of being watched fades into an accepted way of life. The evolution of the nation into benign statism is so gradual, by so small and seemingly do-good increments, that it's scarcely noticed. People slowly "get used to" the harmless trade-off of personal freedoms for universal Government security and protection. Few even recognize the radical transformation unfolding; then everyone is inadvertently a part of it. In this crawling and novel form of statism, chipping away slowly at liberties (best termed "totalitarian democracy" as voters support a "Big Brother" saviour), early group-think mind-training of the young in Government schools embeds a trusting love for the all-caring, paternalistic "Uncle Sam, protector of the people."(10)

With private ownership of firearms long ago outlawed and prompt prosecution of "enemies of the state" routine, crime rates will decrease sharply as will all other dangerous behaviour, especially political dissent. Government-controlled media and propaganda in schools condition the public to accept regimentation as protection against crime and sedition.

But Government never ignores the need of people, even if not truly free, to at least feel free. Thus superficial but satisfying illusions of freedom and choice satiate this need in well-stocked malls, food stores, welfare perks and non-stop escapist entertainment, especially high-hyped TV sports specials and musical extravaganzas. Even long-entrenched sexual freedoms since the 1990s are tolerated in a wide variety of "alternative lifestyles" (a citizen's preoccupation with his pornography, fetishes or a "gay" marriage is no threat to core Government doctrine and a convenient distraction from its central goals).However, genuine and core freedoms, such as political dissent, can not be tolerated. All such are incompatible with a safe and stable nation — and are ended. Especially freedom of speech.

Freedom of Speech Muted
"Hate-crime" laws of the 1990s expand into "hate-speech" laws punishing all "politically incorrect" criticism of core Government policies, especially its civil-rights and racial-integration dogmas. "Racist," defined by federal laws, broadens to include any reference to "white rights" of any sort or resistance to anti-discrimination norms (for example, a white father discouraging white-black dating is instantly a racist suspect; so is his daughter for declining the date). The many traditional groups of the 1990s, arguing for fair pro-white solutions such as peaceable separation of the races, will be harshly equated with "white supremacists" and similarly criminalized. The more vocal and leading dissidents will be assigned by Government doctors to psychiatric wards for rehabilitation as "mental health victims" (a benign version of the former USSR's Gulag). Any talking or speech perceived by Government as "racist," even in one's own home, is outlawed. Such speech became criminalized in Britain and parts of Europe as far back as the 1990s.(11)

Freedom of speech and thought will disappear into a public atmosphere more sophisticated but identical in effect to the 17th-century Salem witch hunts when fear of prohibited words or associations silenced everyone into doctrinal uniformity. No one dared speak up to defend an accused witch (fearful of being branded a witch himself). In 21st-century America, no one will defend anyone branded a "racist" for fear he will be so branded himself and lose his career — or worse. School children will routinely be coaxed in "patriotism" sessions to report any "un-American" talk heard at home (children in Salem often indicted their own parents by merely and grimly pointing at them). In a labyrinthine web of surveillance and intimidation, countless civil-rights compliance units will monitor all citizens and organizations to detect and purge any political deviance.

Government as Parent and Teacher
Early in the next century most parents and adults, male and female, will be fulltime in the workforce. This becomes Government policy aimed at national economic strength, enhanced tax revenue and generously subsidized prosperity for citizens. A nationwide federal system of day-care centers and K-12 schools fills the parenting void, training the young in "political correctness" and the skills needed for the economy. Behavior-modification methods and mental-health screening, initiated in the 1990s, insure orthodox thinking.(12) Homeschooling, soaring exponentially about 2005, is banned as disguised teaching of early-age discrimination, meritocracy and racial inequality. Private schools disappear except for a select few Government-approved and closely monitored.

The original right to equal opportunity for academic or economic success and social status is converted into the right to actual egalitarian outcome (equality of results, all citizens provided equal standards of living in a non-discriminating society). Government civil-rights policy continues to be reinforced lifelong by mandatory diversity and sensitivity training courses in all work places.

Many Hues of Brown
The most drastic transformation of America in Scenario 1 is its population. By century's end, America will be a non-white nation, Euro-whites relatively few — or none.

America in the 1950s was 90% Euro-white. Demographic experts agree on the following projections and future look of America. In 2025 62% will be Euro-white, 38% non-white. Of non-whites, Hispanics (18% of the U.S.) with high immigration and birth rates will outpace blacks (13%) and Asians (6%). By 2050 whites will fade to about 50% of the population. At century's end the process of racial reversal will be completed, the U.S. a fully non-white nation.(13)

By subtle indoctrination (such as black-boy-white-girl intimacies increasingly woven into TV sit-coms and constant commercials), interracial marriage and partnerships will become the norm. Whites discard the age-old natural instinct to marry within one's own race and the desire to have children that look like themselves. Most children will be neither black nor white but, as in Brazil, hundreds of shades of brown. Commenting on the mishmash of languages and third-world cultures in the border states, Rep. Reyes (D-Tex) says "if people want to see what the country is eventually going to look like, they should come to the border." The same is true today of fully multi-racial areas like New York City and Washington, D.C.(14)

Even today, throughout mainstream America, a common sight in stores and malls is white mothers with their brown children; in 1999 10% of blacks are married to non-blacks; 30% of Hispanics and Asians marry outside their race or ethnic group. As every non-white marriage to a white produces brown and genetically altered offspring, the Euro-white gene pool will disappear in America. It will vanish worldwide as well. Today, whites are only 8% of Earth's population, non-whites an overwhelming 92%. With race-mixing patterns normalized worldwide, the white gene pool will continue to disappear — or become entirely extinct.(15)

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