Note 7

Universal suffrage was explicitly avoided by the founders as mob rule by the ignorant. They feared anarchy even more than government tyranny. With voting rights universal today, politicians must sacrifice the nation's long-range health to parochial and self-seeking interests such as exploiting welfare aid. Politicians yield to non-white agendas - or don't get reelected. See "America's Fatal Flaw: Universal Suffrage," James Owens, The Executive As Public Philosopher, 1993 (or access it at and Glenn Montecino's "Repeal Universal Suffrage" in the Nationalist Times, August, 1998. See also professor (Legal History) Stephen B. Presser's precise analysis of the erosion of the Constitution's protections against populist "mob" rule (Chronicles, October 1999). He notes, for example, that "the 17th Amendment, by mandating the direct election of senators, removed an essential check on [populist] democracy and led to an upper house moved more by opinion polls than constitutional obligations, as we saw vividly in the recent travesty of the Senate trial on President Clinton's impeachment charges." (Italics added.)

Note from "Ending the Race Crisis in the 21st Century " by James Owens, Phd.

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