Note 15

Non-white birth rates so exceed whites' that extinction of the white race worldwide is foreseeable within a century. Whites are only 8% of today's world population and declining each year. The pattern of accelerating non-white immigration into European nations (England, etc.) emulates America's. Using, as the demographic standard, 212 live births for every 100 women in order to maintain an existing population's numbers, America (203, below replacement level) is among the highest of white nations such as Germany (130) and Spain (127) compared to India (340) and Mali (710) —and Mexican Americans within the U.S. (331). (See Decline of Males, Lionel Tiger, 1999.) As historians of the future update the anthropological list of extinct human races, whites of the 21st century will be credited as the most kind and gentle in accepting, even engineering, their own extinction.

Note from "Ending the Race Crisis in the 21st Century " by James Owens, Phd.

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