Ending the Race Crisis in the 21st Century
by James Owens, Ph.D. (December 1999)

America in year 2000 has emerged as the sole superpower of the world. This may change in the next century. America's Euro- white historical race identity and its unique tradition of self- reliant freedoms, which created our national strength, are now being torn out at the roots: America is rapidly plunging into central-control statism and a mainly non-white nation. Our still-strong economy and welfare benefits attract the world's poor or oppressed as never before, millions immigrating annually — mainly from non-white lands. With federal laws firmly enforcing racial integration, America's races mix workably with each other's conflicting cultures. Or so it seems as portrayed in Government propaganda and the liberal media such as TV's cleverly-crafted programs exuding harmonious race-mixing. This rich racial diversity is today unquestioned Government dogma.

But beneath America's complacent veneer are raw realities: out-of-control non-white immigration, rising racial friction, rampant black and Latino gang crime, violent and dumbed-down schools, unwed welfare mothers, widespread social dysfunctions and an ever-mushrooming national debt. Much of this is studiously kept unreported in the major media. For example, a rare attack by a deranged "white supremacist" is dramatized for many hours on TV (reinforcing white "racist" shame); but unreported are Justice Department statistics proving black-on-white violence 50 times more frequent than white-on-black. Unwed mothers, living in promiscuity and on Government welfare, are portrayed as "disadvantaged" rather than a moral scandal. Our bankrupting national debt of $5 trillion pays for social disorders such as gun violence in schools and illegitimacy that didn't even exist a few decades ago. (1) Skillfully indoctrinated by ceaseless media slant, the public is deluged with and absorbs massive misinformation. Driven by misinformation and Government-enforced racial integration, Euro-whites are rapidly surrendering their country to alien cultures.

The U.S. race crisis will explode — or somehow be defused — in the 21st century. Examined here are our current racial conditions and probable scenarios to evolve in the next century.

The Race Crisis of 2000
All major American cities were white in the 1950s. Today most are mainly non-white. Eastern and central cities such as Baltimore, Detroit and Washington are predominantly black, run by black mayors and officials. The Washington, D.C. area, mainly black, includes also 600,000 Hispanics and Asians along with 300,000 Islamic Muslims — and has the look-and-feel of a foreign capital. A white, in line at a bank or store, hears mainly foreign languages spoken among clerks and customers; he, not they, feels like the foreigner. Entire regions of the southwest, especially California, are mainly Hispanic. So also is Spanish-speaking Miami. Many cities are forced into bilingual, Babel-like and often error-prone communications.

Despite Government mandating of racial integration and school bussing of exhausted children to enforce it, white flight from non-white areas keeps on accelerating. Most whites yearn to live with their own kind and culture in white neighbourhoods and schools. They dare not say so openly for fear of being branded "racist," thus jeopardizing careers in a punishing regulatory web where even renting only to tenants of one's choice violates anti-discrimination "fair housing" laws. So do all questions about the racial make-up of a neighbourhood when house-hunting (mere mention of such is taboo, so many whites just do "drive by" surveying secretively, and often, before buying). Thus whites quietly abandon the cities and the uncomfortable maze of third-world languages, customs, rap-music, alien cultures and the anxiety of kaleidoscopic multiculturalism. Increasingly even the suburbs of many cities are now non-white (such as Prince Georges county adjacent to Washington D.C.). As whites are driven away into ever more remote suburbs, racial friction in cities like Los Angeles is now mainly non-white, a four-way conflict, often of bloody violence, among blacks, Hispanics, Asians and non-white immigrants (especially new illegals).

"Deconstructing" Western Tradition
The Euro-white tradition of values, customs and culture that built America (the "dead white men") is routinely denounced and "deconstructed" in public schools and universities. This is textbook cultural Marxism: first revolution, to smash traditional ideology; then replace it with egalitarian (socialist) statism. (2)

History is revised to shame the "white oppressor." Designedly ignored is the historical reality that all races have sinned equally as oppressors in distant history, but whites were the first to abolish slavery. Ironically, while any hint of "hate speech" against minorities is prosecuted vigorously, the book- length Hating Whitey documents widespread anti-white speech by professors in class openly smearing whites as "the scourge of mankind." All "racism" is evil — unless it's anti-white.

Hollywood churns out cascades of high-imagery movies demonizing white oppressors, dramatizing the plight of non-whites and extolling their peaceful cultures. TV "histories" such as "Roots" (grossly falsified) and equally emotional programs daily shape the public mind, especially the naive young. Floods of primetime TV and commercials subtly portray a flawless balance of races by quota, all merged happily in playgrounds, parties or homes. As a humorous example, Roger McGrath, history consultant for TV's Pony Express series "The Young Riders," recounts in his satirical Chronicles article (March 1999) how historical accuracy about the all-white Pony Express was discarded; it comes to the screen with a saintly all-perfect black rider, Noah, along with Mexican heroes, these in marked contrast with some avaricious or downright mean whites. Such vivid white-bashing and race-mixing images are crammed into American brains ceaselessly and reshape attitudes. But the more fundamental assaults against Western culture are led by the public school teachers' unions and most universities' departments of English, Literature, History, Philosophy and the Social Sciences.

Race-mixed Nations: Path to Collapse
As succinctly demonstrated in the book-length Demographic Struggle for Power, "demography is destiny." Ethnic and racial identity — and the urge to preserve it — have endured throughout history as the central fact of human nature and among the most powerful forces on Earth. (3) When the glue of a unifying racial and cultural identity is lost, a nation collapses into a chaotic collection of conflicting tribal breeds and cultures. Such clashing of races and cultures is inherently destabilizing, always ending in a nation's collapse. Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire is the epic example of demographic conquest by shortsighted policies of importing foreigners for cheap labor and mercenary armies. Historians of the future will marvel at America's mindless policy shifts of the 1960s, its reckless social experimenting, ignorant of irreversible consequences. Nothing ranks as more surely Euro-white suicide than whites' tolerance of non-white immigration.

A Nation of Non-white Immigrants
The anti-white immigration law of 1965, spawned amid that decade's race riots, psychedelic drugs and chaotic anarchy, launched a flood of non-whites into America. Euro-whites, who were the majority 90% of the U.S. population in 1950, will in 2050 be only 50% of the population. From 2000 to 2050, based on Census Bureau statistics, 90% of U.S. population growth will be non-whites. (4)

Over the past thirty years, immigration (mainly non-white) sky-rocketed into unprecedented numbers and rates. Since 1990, levels of immigration are quadruple pre-1970 rates. Compared to traditional rates of 200,000 per year (mainly Euro-white and rapidly assimilated into American culture), today's immigration into the U.S. averages over 1 million every year, 35 million since 1970. Mainly non-white and contemptuous of assimilation, many new immigrants expand their own alien cultures, languages and religions throughout America while exploiting its full range of welfare housing, Medicaid, food stamps and other benefits. Their attitude is clearly not to adopt American culture or language but instead that America assimilate to theirs. (5)

"Chain migration" provides the basic tactic for U.S. citizenship: naive laws declare anyone born in the U.S. a citizen, including infants of mothers sneaking into America just before birthing — and automatically grant citizenship to the mother after the birth. Immigrants then gain rights to import most of their relatives (who then import theirs). Most have instant claim to the broad range of entitlement welfare support.

Add also the waves of illegal aliens. Each year 275,000 (border-control officials estimate it closer to 1 million) sneak into the U.S., buy forged documentation and settle permanently, a current total of 5.7 million now residing in the U.S. Illegal aliens claim rights to and routinely acquire welfare and public services such as enrollment in public schools and free medical care.

The simplistic solution, championed by many conservatives, is just to revise immigration laws and enforce border control, aiming at zero-immigration. That minimum remedy should be begun but won't halt the inevitable non-white tide. Because it's already here; 25 million blacks and 31 million Hispanics and other non-white immigrants are now in America as of 1999 — and multiplying at twice the rate of Euro-whites. As bizarre irony, white career women avoid marriage or pregnancies to compete in the job market while paying tax money for welfare support of high-birth-rate non-whites. The demographic math is plainly undeniable: after several generations of exponential growth, even with zero-immigration (this itself unrealistic), non-whites and their alien cultures will become the overwhelming majority in America.

Thus, focussing here upon the goal of Euro-white preservation in America, we must examine other options for realistic solutions. These will probably play out in the 21st century as one, or some combination of, the following four scenarios (the first simply abandoning any serious effort for any solution at all):

  1. Unresisting acquiescence to non-white dominance.
  2. Whites' takeback of their country
  3. Secession of states from the U.S.
  4. Racial separatism within the current U.S. Republic. (6)

Hard, real-world examination of the four scenarios (or combinations of them) strips away quickly all illusions of simplistic solutions. Especially the details of each scenario, certain to be awkward, traumatic, transforming every individual, neighbourhood, school and institution. (18) Our daily lives will be profoundly altered—even our basic identities at our roots about "who" and "what" we are. Every one of the four scenarios inflicts transformations upon American life with disruptions and pain akin to the eight-year Revolutionary War of the 1770s or the long aftermath of the Civil War. But, no matter how shattering the impact, America's racial clash is unavoidable, bound to climax in the next century with vast rearrangements of its structure, populations, laws and culture. Racial tension has been smouldering in America for more than two centuries; its waiting explosion is far overdue, much like a volcano flaring warnings of its inevitable catastrophic eruption.

The nation's founders struggled with this multiracial dilemma two centuries ago, warning often that "this nation cannot exist both black and white." They attempted for fifty years to free and repatriate blacks back to their African homelands. (22) Lincoln's desperate (and unconstitutional) civil war not only set the nation's course toward a federal superstate but, despite 600,000 dead, merely shifted the racial tension from one intolerable form of racial conflict to another. And so it has festered since, under political band-aids ever avoiding painful but full-cure surgery. For a hundred years the white majority continued to curb tensions by reluctant, incremental, then sweeping, concessions to non-whites. Unless whites mobilize to reverse current trends, the balance of power will soon become drastically inverted: non-whites finally the majority, in full control of the nation. In the 21st century, America will be transformed into a non-white nation. So will the once white nations of Europe. (15)

Band-aid temporizing and delays are now exhausted. Procrastinating a final settlement of our centuries-old racial dilemma is no longer possible. It will end, soon—one way or another. One, or a combination of the four scenarios, will happen in America's 21st century. The unalterable reality of history will prevail, that "race matters" — profoundly. (21) Each race, by its inner nature, by eons of genetic and cultural formation, becomes deeply programmed at its roots to favour its own kind, to defend with primal force against all alien threats. Those with superior self-preservation traits, skills and pride of race endure; the weak die away.

The natural laws of history demonstrate that peace, stability and progress in any nation are possible only when one racial group absorbs the other (Scenario 1) — or dominates it (Scenario 2)—or they manage to peaceably separate from each other (Scenarios 3 or 4). These are the options. One will triumph in the next century.

The Euro-white race, with its unparalleled achievements of mind and innovation throughout history, still contains the unmatched capability to preserve its race and culture — if the will for it can be revived. But, by pathological apathy and altruism, whites are fast abandoning that essential will. And, as all history proves, that is the ultimate determinant for survival — in war or peace.

If Euro-whites judge their ultimate extinction an evil outcome, as surely they should, then Edmund Burke's insight into the ultimate consequences of apathy is gravely apt:

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."