Note 2

"Cultural Marxism" is the social and political version of Marx's revolution in the economic order. Its goal is a cultural revolution, dismantling the traditional culture of Western civilization and its values, then replacing it with a new egalitarian world order. It has its origins in the neo-Marxist Frankfurt School of Social Research in the 1930s and its leading theoretician, Herbert Marcuse. Marcuse emigrated to the U.S. and into Columbia University's Institute of Social Research. Marcuse taught that most social ills and evils are caused by the established order which must be demolished; that the only effective challenge to it will come from students and minority groups. During the social upheavals of the 1960s, his writings galvanized protesters, driven by his concept of "critical theory" (systematic criticism and tearing down of the established order, such as meritocracy, the "dead white men" and most American traditions; that there is "no such thing as truth, the things we think are true are only the constructs of dominant [white] groups"). His influence today still pervades most public schools, universities and media as they "deconstruct" Western civilization, replacing it with the "truths" and values of egalitarian multiculturalism (see "The English Department Virus" and "Media Fakes and Falsified Journalism" in The American Enterprise, May 1999). The quote in text above is from David Horowitz's Hating Whitey (1999); see also his summary in The American Enterprise (November 1999, p. 45) and Insight (November 15, 1999).

Note from "Ending the Race Crisis in the 21st Century " by James Owens, Phd.

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