Scenario 2 — Euro-whites Take Back Their Country
'Possible Result of the Race Crisis in the USA' by James Owens(2001)

The first, and most probable, scenario projects a new non-white U.S. with little or no resistance by Euro-whites to the eventual phasing-out of their race and culture. But many whites do resist it vehemently and the three strategies of their resistance become Scenarios 2, 3 and 4. (Major space in this article has been devoted to Scenario 1 since it can be projected from current trends already firmly in place. The last three scenarios, as sharp changes in course, can be outlined only as general but definite directions.)

Scenario 2, the "take-back" strategy, envisions an abrupt wake-up of Euro-whites to their grim future, especially their grandchildren's in a non-white America. As the extremes of Scenario 1 unfold, the stark reality of U.S. statism and non-white proliferation is finally unmasked as ominous and intolerable. The silent white majority becomes shocked into awareness, then acutely awake, alarmed, vocal, galvanized into action.

The pro-white movement is spearheaded by a persistent but loose coalition of conservative groups ranging from moderate political activists and theoretical think tanks to the overt hostility of white supremacists and militias. There were over 500 of these groups in 1999 which by early century expand into the nucleus of a viable third political party.(16) A turning point in its surge to power is the growing number of white millionaires aiming their donations toward the critical mission of white preservation in America. Amply financed, the groups suppress their differences and organize into the fast-growing "white preservation" party focused on a single goal: elevate and arouse white consciousness to action and restore the country to its original Euro-white dominance.

Euro-whites are not yet a marginalized minority as they will be in 2050. They still remain the majority, about 65% of the nation. They recognize also that blacks and Hispanics, with merely primitive achievements in their own lands, are dominating America only by white apathy permitting it. If aroused and the will to survive awakened, the white race that built the modern world and still sustains it has the genius of mind to overpower any predatory rival. White-advocacy messages, cascading into the media, enliven this once-quiet majority of 200 million. Avalanches of media, TV, e-mail and Web-page information-campaigns sharply unravel the menacing subterfuge of Government tyranny and its race-doctrine propaganda. A short-lived Government crackdown, including the jailing of several high-profile white leaders, backfires. Now martyrs for white preservation, the crackdown tactics fill the media with free publicity. White apathy flares into zeal and mobilized action. White preservationists, first a controlling third-party swing-vote, rapidly become America's major political party.

Taboo in speech for decades, the non-white population excesses and cultures in America are broadcast and challenged openly. So are the core civil-rights doctrines of racial integration and anti-discrimination. The major media, once extolling the glories of multiculturalism, now expose its evils. Intelligence (IQ) differences among the races are fully publicized along with alien cultural patterns such as illegitimacy, vulgar "rap" music, street gangs and primitive third-world languages. No longer hidden from the public eye are alarming crime statistics of the Justice Department (33% of African-American men in their twenties are in prison, jail, on probation or parole). Especially driven into the white-public mind is the sinister aim of race-mixing, the meltdown of the white gene pool and its extinction. In sharp contrast to primitive African and Hispanic histories, all media, especially TV documentaries and biographies, re-educate the public mind about the long-ignored genius of Euro-white civilization — from Homer, Aristotle, Plato and Cicero to Galileo, Newton, Locke, Einstein and thousands of others in the arts, literature and science. Euro-whites are awakened to the irony of abandoning their uniquely rich tradition and replacing it with primitive, third-world cultures.

The white backlash unfolds in powerful waves of political action. Not only against the mushrooming non-white population but even more so against the liberal-left superstate responsible for it. And against the IRS, the most enslaving money-gathering machine in history whereby one man's money earned is taken and given to another (a basic form of slavery). Streams of pro-white laws flow out of the preservationist majority in Congress and the state legislatures. Core Government policies and institutions, almost a century old, including the IRS, are systematically reversed.

The pro-white party becomes fully dominant by mid-century. The 10th-Amendment sovereignty of the states is restored as the federal government is scaled back to its original minimum functions such as national defense. Civil-rights laws of the past century are repealed. Non-white immigration is halted and all illegal aliens deported while immigration of professional and skilled Europeans is promoted. A major deployment of the Army becomes zero-immigration control of the Mexican border.

While non-whites remain tolerated and retain all protections of the law, often migrating into their more comfortable cultural areas, whites take back and control the power centers of government, industry, the media and the courts.

As Euro-whites regain power, they are ever aware of its volatile risks. Their white reservationist campaign is inevitably confrontational, one race can only win through some loss by the others. As the white race regains dominance, non-whites must become submissive and accept minority status without hostility. Thus the new laws include ample non-white benefits to minimize resentment. For example, public food programs guarantee satisfying nutrition, laws require racially separate but equal schools. The white media and TV daily ingrain soothing perspective, contrasting the limited but far superior lifestyle of America's non-whites with their starving cousins in third-world wastelands. A delicate balance is forever fine-tuned to sustain Euro-white dominance while avoiding repression of the non-white minorities — or their rebellion.

Civil War?
A grim, but possible, variation of Scenario 2 is the breakup of the U.S. in a gigantic civil war among the American races. As pro-white backlash reclaims the country, non-whites refuse to accept their reduced status. They bitterly resent the repeal of civil rights, loss of affirmative action and federal supports. They are a minority, but a huge one-third of the population, including 40 million blacks and 50 million Hispanics increasingly resentful of the 200 million whites. The white vision of delicately balancing white dominance with non-white submission is scorned — and collapses. Congress sinks into a powerless arena of racial outbursts and denunciations. As danger-signs mount, citizens of every race stockpile guns, survival-supplies and home-security systems. Clashes over race issues and incidents mount, all dramatized by TV media clutching for viewer market share. Tensions boil into raw anger, then open violence and race war.

Race riots, like the localized outbreaks of the 1960s, intensify into bloody city-wide conquests, then occupation of entire regions by a dominant race. California, for example, quickly becomes an Hispanic stronghold. Most cities remain black as whites flee for safety to far-out suburbs. Complex military and administrative functions of the federal government are paralyzed into confusion and inaction as multi-racial personnel choose sides, crash computers, disrupt command centers, disable infrastructure systems and deluge the nation's decision-makers with disinformation. No one can predict the outcome — except a bloody race war of unimaginable scope in deaths and structural ruins, followed by a massive breakup of the former U.S. into new nations — provided no opportunistic foreign powers exploit the shattered U.S. lands to win territory for themselves.(17)

The Civil-War-Two scenario is a desperate extreme for all the American races and must (hopefully) be rated as unlikely. But, as historians warn convincingly, every multi-racial empire in history ultimately collapsed, usually in bloody conflict. The spectre of a similar fate for the U.S. should mobilize public removal of its root cause, racial mixing (which become Scenarios 3 and/or 4).