Scenario 4 — Racial Separatism within the U.S.A
'Possible Result of the Race Crisis in the USA' by James Owens(2001)

As the Scenario-3 strategy for secession gains unstoppable momentum and develops into a detailed and "doable" practical plan, the serious threat of breakup of the historic U.S. creates a revolutionary sea change in U.S. politics. Old liberal allegiances unravel into massive rethinking of national policy options. Non-white and liberal-party leaders no longer doubt that Euro-whites are formidably mobilized and determined to protect their culture (by any means including secession). They change course sharply in search for realistic compromises to save the union —and their own prosperity, dependent upon Euro-white talent and support. For almost a decade, candid debate over the rights of the various American races and realistic compromises pervades Congress, state legislatures, university faculties, think tanks, business groups nationwide— and nonstop TV and radio talk shows. (18)

Seeking practical solutions that work, all sides abandon meaningless bumper-sticker slogans and "curse words " ("racist,""victims of slavery," "supremacism," "IQ superiority," "evils of discrimination" and the like). Euro-whites harbour no desires to dominate any race, only to live separate with their own kind and culture. They long ago purged their ranks of white supremacists bent upon domination, advocating instead peaceable separation of the races, each respecting the rights of the others. Responsible leaders of each race shed the self-defeating conflict of the past and now seek peaceful "win-win" cooperation toward a common-sense solution. Unlike the 1990s, when propaganda falsely equated "separatism" with "racist white supremacism," that critical distinction is now clarified, accepted and no longer distorted.

In the debates leading to Scenario 4, all sides adopt a spirit of genuine compromise. Euro-whites focus solely upon three imperatives: repeal all federal anti-discrimination laws, fully restore 10th Amendment powers to the states and slash federal spending (except for national defense and paying down the national debt), shifting tax revenue and spending options back to the states. Central federal control of local communities is to be abolished along with regulatory agencies such as the Department of Education, Housing and Urban Development and the like. Schools are to be run by the states and local communities. Private schools and homeschooling are to flourish. As major concessions, whites support the principle of equal opportunity (not outcome) for all, specifically separate but equal schools. New laws, while permitting all-white or all-black or all-Hispanic schools, require every state to provide equal funds per student of any race to all schools. So, similarly, for allocation of public funds for other public services such as neighbourhood hospitals, playgrounds and transportation facilities. (21)

The spirit of the nation returns to equality of opportunity, self-reliance and personal pride. Scaled down sharply are Government-controlled equal outcomes and welfare dependency. There are, to be sure, severe adjustment problems and growing pains for decades as power shifts from the federal government to the newly-sovereign states — and as people migrate into communities of their choice, earn their own niche and new race relations replace the old civil-rights bureaucracies.

But an entire structure of new laws emerges, states' powers and freedom of association are restored. Euro-whites and every race regain the right to form communities, neighbourhoods, schools, private clubs and associations of their "own kind" (or mixed "rainbow" areas if they wish) without Orwellian charges of discrimination. Unlike the ultimate meltdown of the races into a single hybrid, the inevitable consequence of the old forced-integration folly, genuine racial diversity is now preserved in the diversified states and communities.

With the 10th Amendment fully revived and thriving as originally intended, the states become a multitude of "social laboratories," testing and fine-tuning a rich variety of community policies, laws and practices. Those which work in one state are imitated and modified to work in others. Those which don't are discarded; never again does the U.S. collapse into a federal monolith enforcing unquestioned but wrongheaded and unworkable ideas throughout the entire nation. The U.S., newly resurrecting the profoundly wise principles etched into its founders' Constitution, evolves into an ever stronger and united Republic of locally governed states, each race free to prosper in its own way, with its own kind, by its own choice.