Diary 1839 - 1854
From The Great Trek by Oliver Ransford (1968)

1839July Twenty-five survivors of the Tregardt trek are evacuated from Lourenço Marques
October Mpande flees into Natal with his followers
December 24th Jervis evacuates Port Natal
1840January14th Pretorius leads Beeste Commando over the Tugela
January 29th Execution of Tambuza and Kombesana
January30th Nongalaza defeats Dingaan's army north of the Mkuzi river
February14th Mpande crowned King of the Zulus
October Loose federation between Natalia and the high veld republics formed
December19th Pretorius attacks Nkapi's kraals
1842 March British troops under Major Smith begin march on Port Natal
April25th Natalian Volksraad under influence of J. A. Smellekamp offers Natalia to King of the Netherlands
May3rd British troops reoccupy Port Natal
23/24th Battle of Congella
June25th Boer siege of Port Natal raised
December12th British Cabinet decide on annexation of Natal
1844April9th Potgieter declared independence of Winburg-Potchefstroom
1845 April 30th Battle of Zwartkoppies
June Potgieter treks to Ohrigstad
December Republic of Natalia formally ceased to exist
1846 June-September Factional strife at Ohrigstad begins to reach its peak
1847 June Potgieter leads reconnaissance across Limpopo and then revisits the Zoutpansberg district
Pretorius leads burghers from Natal to high veld
December Sir Harry Smith becomes Governor of the Cape
1848 (early) Potgeiter's people migrate to the Zoutpansberg
February3rd Sir Harry Smith declares annexation of the Orange River Sovereignty
August29th Battle of Boomplaats
1852 February17th Sand River Convention
March16th Reconciliation of Potgieter and Pretorius
August Potgieter leads his last commando in Sekwatiland
December16th Potgieter dies
1853 July 23rd Pretorius dies
1854 February23rd British abandon the Orange River Sovereignty
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