Diary 1806 - 1836
From The Great Trek by Oliver Ransford (1968)

1806 Second British occupation of the Cape
1815 Slagters Nek Rebellion
1820 Influx of British missionaries
1822 Proclamation of gradual replacement of Dutch language by English
1824 Retief becomes bankrupt; Lieutenant Farewell receives a grant of land round Port Natal from Shaka
1825 Reforms seriously affect lives of Cape burghers
1826 Cape Colony's boundary extended to Orange river
1828 Fiftieth Ordinance allows more freedom to the Hottentots
1834 Emancipation of Slaves; Commissie Treks set out (Christmas) 4th Kafir War begins
1835 Tregardt crosses orange river and remains near Caledon river
JuneDr Smith pays visit to Mzilikazi
December Potgieter begins to trek north from Tarka; Rumours of Glenelg revocation of Queen Adelaide circulate
1836 Tregardt prepares to trek north
February Potgieter party crosses Orange river
March Tredgardt crosses Vaal river
May Potgieter reaches Sand river and leaves to make contact with Tregardt
Tregardt reaches Zoutpansberg
June Potgieter joins Tregardt at Zoutpansberg
27th Potgieter reconnoitres over Limpopo river
July 15th Van Rensburg massacre
Potgieter returns to Tregardt's camp; Tregardt leaves to search for the Van Rensburg party
August Tredgardt crosses Vaal river; Maritz trek leaves for the north from Graaff Reinet; Potgieter leaves Zoutpansberg
25th Matabele attack trekker parties which have crossed Vaal river
September 2nd Potgieter rejoins his party at Sand river
October16th Battle of Vegkop
NovemberMaritz reaches Blesberg
December2nd Maritz and Potgieter draw up a constitution
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