Diary 1837
From The Great Trek by Oliver Ransford (1968)

January 17th attack on Mosega
February Retief's manifesto is published
MarchTregardt sends first message to Lourenço Marques; Potgieter moves to Winburg area
April 10th Tregardt sends off second message to Lourenço Marques
17th Retief elected Governor; Uys moves north from Uitenhage
May Tregardt sends third message to Lourenço Marques
June Meeting approves constitution of Maatschappij; Uys arrives at United Laagers
Smit installed as Trekkers' Predikant
August 7th Buys arrived at Tregardt's camp on Doorn river to conduct his party to Lourenço Marques
23rd Tregardt sets off for Lourenço Marques
September 9th Retief announces that passes over Berg have been found
13th Trekkers hold meeting at Sand river and split into two groups; one under Retief heading for Berg, while Potgieter and Maritz ride north and organise a second punitive expedition against Matabele
October2nd Retief camps at site of Bethlehem
7th Retief gets first view of Natal; Rev. Francis Owen arrives at Umgungundhlovu
10th Retief arrives Port Natal
19th Greyling camps at Kerkenberg
November4-12th Running fight against Matabele at Kapain
7th Retief arrives at Umgungundhlovu
11th Retief's messengers arrive at Kerkenberg
13th Trekkers begin the descent of the Berg
27th Retief rejoins his followers
30th Tregardt arrives at summit of Berg
December23rd Tregardt completes descent of Berg
28th Retief sets off for Sekonyela's country
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