The Age Of Edmund Burke (1729-1797)
The Maxims And Reflections Of Burke selected and edited by F.W. Rafferty

1727 George II. Sir R. Walpole, First Minister
1737 Gibbon born
1738 The Wesleyan Methodist Society
1742 Sir R. Walpole resigned
1745Henry Pelbam's Administration
The Young Pretender's Rising. Swift died
1748 Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle. Bentham born
1754 Duke of Newcastle's Ministry
1757 Newcastle and Pitt. Battle ot Plassey
1759 Wolfe captured Quebec
1760 George III.
1762 Bute Prime Minister
1763 Peace of Paris. George Grenville Prime Minister
1764 Expulsion of Wilkes
1765 The American Stamp Act
1766 Rockingham's Declaratory Act
Repeal of Stamp Act. Grafton (Chatham) Ministry
1767 Charles Townshend's Excise Act
1769 Letters of Junius
1770 Lord North Prime Minister. Wordsworth born
1771 Beginning of Parliamentary Reports
1774 Boston Port Bill
1775 Battle of Lexington
1776 American Declaration of Independence
Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations"
1778Death of Chatham
1781Surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown
1782Rockingham's Second Ministry. Shelburne's Ministry
1783The coalition Ministry. Pitt's Ministry
1784Johnson died
1785 Pitt's Irish Proposals
1787 Commercial Treaty with France
1788 Regency Debate
1789 The French Revolution
1790 John Howard died
1792 The United Irishmen
1793 War declared against France. The first Coalition
1794Lord Howe's victory. The Reign of Terror
1795The Directory established. Carlyle born
1796Pitt's Negotiations For Peace
1797England alone against France. Mutiny at Spithead & The Nore. Battle of Camperdown