The Life Of Edmund Burke From Maxims And Reflections Of Edmund Burke

1729Burke born
1750 Came to London
1756Vindication. Sublime and Beautiful
1759 The Annual Register; Secretary to Hamilton
1765 Secretary to Lord Rockingham; Member for Wendover
1769Purchased Beaconsfield Estate; Present State of the Nation
1770 Thoughts on the Present Discontents
1774 Speech on American Taxation ; Member for Bristol
1775 Speech on Conciliation
1777 Letter to the Sheriffs
1780 Speech on Economical Reform ; Member for Malton
1782 Rockingham Ministry; Paymaster-General
1783Coalition Ministry; Speech on Fox's India Bill
1785 Speech on Nabob of Arcot's Debts
1786Impeachment of Hastings
1790 Reflections on French Revolution ; Breach with Fox
1791Letter to Member of National Assembly; Appeal from the New to the Old Whigs
1793 Observations on the Conduct of the Minority; Remarks on the Policy of the Allies
1794Death of Burke's son; Retirement from Parliament; Pension
1795Thoughts and Details on Scarcity
1796 Letter to a Noble Lord; Letters on a Regicide Peace
1797Burke's Death