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Addison Essays
Arbuthnot Political Lying
Austen The Fearsome Past Of General Tilney
Bacon Of Ambition, Deformity
Friendship, Studies
Boswell Johnson Meets Monboddo
The Execution Of Gibson And Payne
la BruyèreCharacters
Burke Letter to a Noble Lord
Letter to a member of the
National Assembly of France
Man's Obligation To The State
Maxims And Reflections Of Burke
Reflections On The Revolution In France
Selected Prose Of Edmund Burke
The Nature Of Society
Thoughts On French Affairs
Thomas Paine
Butler J. Altruism And Self-Love
The Need For Forms In Religion
Butler S. Hudibras; Ignorance Of The Learned
Military Government;
Chesterfield Affectation
Clarendon The Character Of Oliver Cromwell
Reflections On The Past
Cowley Of Myself; Of Solitude
Crabbe Peter Grimes (from The Borough)
Defoe Captain Singleton; Colonel Jack
Memoirs Of A Cavalier; Moll Flanders
Money All-Powerfull; Robinson Crusoe
Roxana; Tour Through Britain
Dryden Chaucer As A Poet; True Satire
Erasmus The Praise of Folly
Etherege The Man Of Mode
Fielding Of Love; The Rules Of Good Breeding
An Oxford College— Gibbon Sums Up
The History Of The Decline And Fall
Of The Roman Empire
Goldsmith A Comparison between
Laughing and Sentimental Comedy
Beau Tibbs
The Fame Coach
Letter To Mrs Bunbury
She Stoops To Conquer
The Man In Black
The Vicar Of Wakefield
Gray The Candidate; Death Of Cat; Elegy;
Lake District Visit; Lord Holland's Seat
Hazlitt Disadvantage Of Intellectual Superiority
The Fight
My First Aquaintance With Poets
Good Nature
Ignorance Of The Learned
Indian Jugglers
A Journey
Knowledge of Character
Persons One Would Wish To Have Seen
HoraceThe Art Of Poetry; On Social Decay
HumeHuman Understanding
Annihilation Of Knights Templar
Taste And Passion
Massacre Of The Jews
Standard Of Taste
Study Of History
Of Tragedy
Of Superstition
The Case Against Theism
The Maid of Orleans
Hurd Objections To The Grand Tour
Johnson A Journey To The Islands Of Scotland
Dictionary (Preface)
Disciplining Children
Essays From The Idler — The Rambler
Letter to Lord Chesterfield
William Collins
Joseph Addison
Molly Quick's Complaint
The Art Of Biography
The Death Of Dr Levet
The History Of Rasselas
The Vanity Of Wishes
LambImperfect Sympathies
Locke Reading; Understanding
Macaulay History of England
Milton Education
Plato The Symposium
Pope Atticus; on Criticism; Rondeau
The Genius Of Homer
The Necessity For Bad Poetry
ProcopiusThe Secret History
RaleighWorldly Wisdom
RuskinFors Clavigera
The King Of The Golden River
Pathetic Fallacy
Essays On Political Economy
The Political Economy Of Art
Unto This Last
Smollett The Troubles Of A Fortune Hunter
Smith Division Of Labour; Death of David Hume
Steele A Coquette
1st issue of The Tatler
Mr Bickerstaff's Correspondents
On Laughter
On The Man of Mode
The Club At The Trumpet
The Mohock Club
The Pangs Of A Jilted Lover
The Story Of Alexander Selkirk
SterneWar On Two Fronts
Prologue:"Tristram Shandy"
Suetonius The Twelve Caesars
SwiftA Meditation Upon A Broom-Stick
A Modest Proposal
A Tale Of A Tub
A Voyage To The Houyhnhms
Against Abolishing Christianity
Directions To Servants
When I Come To Be Old
Swift's Correspondence
The Battle Of The Books
The Examiner
The Journal To Stella
The Partridge-Bickerstaff Papers
Thoughts: On Various Subjects
Verse Pieces
Tacitus Agricola; Germany; On Oratory
The Annals— The Histories
VoltaireCandide; The Travels Of Scarmentado
WilmotA Satyr Against Mankind
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