Environmentalism: Fear the God of Nature
From 'A Study Of Our Decline' by P Atkinson (08-Feb-21)

Most Citizens Now Lunatics
The replacement of mainly unselfish with selfish people has changed the character of the community from polite and sane, to rude and insane: most citizens are now lunatics who are:

  1. Tyrannised By Whims:
  2. Cowardly So Tormented By Fears About:
  3. Obsessed By Impending Doom; As the thing they each most cherish — self —must eventually perish.

With A New Religion And A New God — The Environment
Even though selfish citizens only worship self, they know only that they must obey their fears and fancies. This lunacy, which is endemic throughout the towns and cities of Western Civilization, has resulted in a new religion — the worship of a god called 'The Environment', which is the notion of reality allowed by an understanding corrupted by their shared fears and fancies. They fear the planet [self] is being destroyed by people doing what they, the environmentalists, do not like, so they fancy the planet [self] can only be saved by forcing people to do what they, the environmentalists, do like. Hence environmentalists are very important people whose every-day activities are crucial to saving the planet, which puts them above the law for they cannot allow legal trivia to hinder their efforts to save the planet, and all those who oppose them must be enemies of the planet.

Universal Dogma of Environmentalists —Their Tyranny
In the contemporary version of the fear of angering the Gods, to avoid the impending doom of Global Catastrophe Environmentalists demand:

  1. Reverence For Nature (flora and fauna away from cities) which their anxiety demands is in a delicate balance so not to be interfered with:
  2. Contempt for the Community that is expressed by a ruthless opposition to anything and everything that excites their irrational fears, and includes:
  3. Paranoia: that is being frightened of imaginary dangers, while being blind to real threats such as social decay, human obsolescence and Barbarian invasion.