The Myth Of Global Warming (January 2014)

A brief list of arguments that each refute the notion of global warming.

A Lie Aimed At Destroying Civilization
Climategate Brazen Fraud CO2 Emmissions Hoax Enviro-Thought Police
Solar Energy & Wind PowerCripple Spain's Economy
The SwindleThe Great Global Warming Swindle
Sea Levels Not RisingExcept In The Lies of the IPCC
Solar Cycles, Not CO2 Determine ClimateGlobal Climate Explained (If you Want To Worry)
Suspend Disaster The Myth Of Global Warming
Crowds Go Cold On Climate Cost Climate Change Hysteria is Costing Us
A Load Of Hot Air
The Ice Age Cometh The Real Danger Of An Ice Age
Global Warming Messy Models, Decent Data, and Pointless Policy
Hot Politics Doctoring Of Reports By UN Experts
Cool Climate The Absurdity Of Trying To Control Climate
A Pagan FantasyThe New ReligionEnvironmentalism is the New Universal Religion
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