The General Impact Of The Decline Of A Civilisation
From 'A Study Of Our Decline' by P Atkinson (15/8/2015)

When a civilisation declines it goes into reverse with all the wealth, power and wisdom realised by its rise being discarded at an ever increasing rate until dissolution. The people will discover that:

1. The quality of goods and services falls as the cost increases; and this corruption extends into every aspect of their existence, from the faltering quality of bread to the growing inconstancy of love.

2. The essential requirements of: —

♦ Peace will be disturbed by increasing interruptions of:


Indecency (see f-word and loss of shame)

Violence from within and from without the community.

♦ Order will be increasingly eroded

Tyranny and injustice will reign as delusion triumphs while the community loses its racial identity and dissolves into impotence. But this will never be generally recognized because the source of the disease is the waning of citizens' comprehension. A decay made obvious by the disappearance of plain speaking.

Such a society is no longer engaged in creating a human heaven on earth, but is earnestly constructing the very opposite where:

• The worst people get rewarded while the best get penalized.

• The education system spreads delusion.

• The bureaucracy becomes a liability instead of an asset.

• The courts promote injustice.

However this will always be denied because truth will be vanquished by lies.

(see a letter from South Africa for a simple example of decline).

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