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For 'The Secret History' by Procopius

TEXT: Haury, J., Procopius, Opera Omnia, 3 vols., Leipzig, 1905-13; revised G. Wirth, 4 vols., Leipzig, 1962-64 (Teubner Series). Vol. 3 of the Haury-Wirth edition (1963) contains the Secret History.

TRANSLATIONS: Dewing, H. B., Procopius, Works, 7 vols., New York and London, 1914-35 (Loeb Classical Library). Based on Haury's Greek text, which is reprinted with English translation on facing page. Vol. 6 (1935) contains the Secret History.

Atwater, R., Procopius, Secret History, New York, 1927; reprinted with an introduction by A. E. R. Boak, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1961.

Cameron, Averil, Procopius, History of the Wars, Secret History and Buildings, translated, edited and abridged, with an introduction, New York, 1967 (The Great Histories Series). Contains only parts of the Secret History but has a general introduction to Procopius.

STUDIES: Rubin, B., Prokopios von Kaisareia, Stuttgart, 1954 (in German). Also published as the article on Procopius in Pauly-Wissowa, Real-Encyclopaedie 23.1, Stuttgart, 1957, cols. 273-599.

Evans, J. A. S., Procopius, New York, 1972 (Twayne World Authors Series). The only book on Procopius in English.

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Downey, G., 'Paganism and Christianity in Procopius', Church History XVIII, 1949.

Gordon, C. D., 'Procopius and Justinian's Financial Policies', Phoenix XIII, 1959.

Neither the reign of Justinian nor Procopius himself has yet received a major critical study in English. The following works (of very different kinds) will, however, provide much relevant material about both the author and the period.

Barker JWJustinian and the Later Roman Empire, Madison, Wisconsin, 1966
Brown PThe World of Late Antiquity, London, 1971. A brilliant introduction
Browning R Justinian and Theodora, London, 1971. An excellent overview of the reign, with many illustrations
Bury JBHistory of the Later Roman Empire from Arcadius to Irene (A.D. 395 to 800), 2vols., London, 1889. Though Bury changed his mind about the Secret History between this and the next item, his first edition remains useful, especially on mid-to-late sixteenth-century authors
History of the Later Roman Empire from the Death of Theodosius I to the Death of Justinian, 2 vols., London, 1923; re-printed 1958
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