For 'The Secret History' by Procopius (550 A.D.)

482/3Birth of Justinian
?500 Birth of Procopius
c.503 Birth of Theodora
505 Birth of Belisarius
518Justin Emperor
523Justinian marries Theodora
527Justin and Theodora share sovereignty; Death of Justin; Procopius private secretary to Belisarius
529 Justinian's Code promulgated
530 Belisarius defeats Persians at Daras
531 Belisarius defeated at Callinicus
532Nika insurrection put down by Belisarius
533Belisarius sent to North Africa; Digest and Institutes published
534 Belisarius back in triumph
535 Belisarius conquers Sicily
536 Belisarius takes Naples and Rome
539 Antioch captured by Chosroes
540 Ravenna captured by Belisarius. Belisarius recalled
541 Belisarius sent against Persians — then back to Italy; Consulship abolished
542 Plague in Byzantium
544Belisarius again sent to Italy. Indecisive campaigning
547/8Death of Theodora
549Belisarius replaced by Narses
550Secret History written
559Belisarius drives Huns from walls of Byzantium
560Procopius illustris
561Publication of Buildings
562Belisarius imprisoned and dispossessed
562-3Procopius Prefect of Byzantium
563Belisarius restored to favour
565Deaths of Belisarius, Justinian, and (?) Procopius