Tale Of A Tub (Review)
by Jonathan Swift (1704)
Written for the universal improvement of mankind. —Diu multumque deisderatum.

To The Right Honourable
John Lord Somers
The Bookseller To The Reader
The Epistle Dedicatory,
To His Royal Highness
Prince Posterity
The Author's Preface
Section I —The Introduction
Section 2
3 — A Digression Concerning Critics
4 — A Tale Of A Tub
5 — A Digression In The Modern Kind
6 — A Tale Of A Tub
7 — A Digression in Praise of Digression
8 — Tale of a Tub
9 — A Digression Concerning The Original,The Use, And Improvement Of Madness, In A Commonwealth
10 — A Farther Digression
11 — A Tale Of A Tub
The Conclusion