Pope's Epitaphs
From The Life Of Pope by Samuel Johnson

The criticism upon Pope's 'Epitaphs,' which was printed in the 'Visitor,' is placed here, being too minute and particular to be inserted in the ' Life.'

Every art is best taught by example. Nothing contributes more to the cultivation of propriety than remarks on the works of those who have most excelled. I shall therefore endeavour, at this visit, to entertain the young students in poetry with an examination of Pope's ' Epitaphs.'

To define an epitaph is useless; every one knows that it is an inscription on a tomb. An epitaph, therefore, implies no particular character of writing, but may be composed in verse or prose. It is indeed commonly panegyrical, because we are seldom distinguished with a stone but by our friends; but it has no rule to restrain or mollify it, except this, that it ought not to be longer than common beholders may be expected to have leisure and patience to peruse.

Charles Earl Of Dorset
Sir William Trumbal
Simon Harcourt
James Craggs
Mr. Rowe
Mrs Corbet
Robert Digby and Sister
Sir Godfrey Kneller
General Henry Withers
Elijah Fenton
Mr. Gay
Sir Isaac Newton
Duke Of Buckingham
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