Addison's Essays
Selected and Edited by J. H. Fowler, M.A.
Assistant Master at Clifton College; Author of 'A Manual of Essay-Writing,' etc. (1930)

1The Choice Of Hercules 7Uses Of The Spectator 13Dream Of A
Picture Gallery
19Good Nature
2Jupiter And The Destinies 8Ghost Stories 14Sir Roger At Home 20Literary Criticism
3The Social Concert 9Opera Lions 15Sir Roger At Church 21Gesture In Oratory
4Adventures Of A Shilling 10Reflections
In Westminster Abbey
16Mischief Of Party Spirit 22Pleasures of Imagination
5Frozen Voices 11Remarks on the English
by the Indian Kings
17The Vision Of Mirza 23Wisdom and Riches
6The Spectator's Account
Of Himself
12Friendship 18Good Nature 24 Death Of Sir Roger
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