The Western Democratic Tradition
by Professor Mark Cooray (1985)

The Original Values and Institutions
The Reform Ideas
The Three Fundamentals
Economic Freedom
Limitations on Power of Government
Limited Government Undermined
Limits on the power of the Legislature
Law based on Individual Responsibility
Rights and Duties
Moral and Spiritual Roots
Making The "New Man"
Communism and Democratic Socialism
The Experience of Mankind
Undermining Freedom and Responsibility
The Critical Spirit
The Failure to Invest in Ideas
"Here's-a-Problem—we must do something"
Effects of Reformist Ethos
No Promise of a Utopia
Modern Reform Movements
Coercive versus Liberal Utopians
A Better Future for Mankind
Christianity, Liberalism and Tradition
From Bondage to Freedom and Back
An Epitaph
The Exportability of the Tradition
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