The A to Z Of Political Correctness
By James Delingpole The Telegraph (UK) 15/5/2011

Three cheers for the Duchess of Cornwall who heroically stood up for freedom of speech last week by declaring that

"political correctness is as severe a form of censorship as any".

The Duchess has shown how game she is, given all the stick she has taken in the past by journalists exercising their freedom of speech. She has now earned herself a guaranteed place in the next routine of stand-up comic Stewart Lee, who believes that political correctness is a "huge lie". According to Lee, PC just

"allows the Right [...] to make people on the Left, who are concerned about the way people are represented, look like killjoys".

Which doesn't say much for Lee's powers as an observational comic.

Listed below is a tiny selection of the myriad ways in which political correctness has extended its tentacles into every aspect of our existence. Some of it is so silly, it is almost funny. Some of it is so perniciously wrong and destructive, it deserves only outrage. If PC was originally designed with the best of intentions to make the world a better, fairer, happier place, it has failed dismally.