Environmentalism Is The New Universal Church
by P Atkinson (17-Feb-24)

Toynbee noted in "A Study Of History", that a new universal church emerged when a civilization starts to decline. What he did not realise was that this is the inevitable result of the discarding of traditional restraints by selfish citizens who resent any restraints except those inspired by their own fears and fancies. Hence, the whole civilization replaces being governed by tradition with being governed by the popular fears and fancies of their citizens, which becomes the new universal church.

Environmentalism is an irrational dogma whose widespread popularity makes it the new universal church that accompanies the collapse of every civilization. Its dangerous absurdity is confirmed by:

  1. A series of television broadcasts entitled 'Against Nature' which revealed that Environmentalism:
  2. The dedication of vast tracts of land as shrines to the worship of nature without people, known as National Parks, where the law prohibits any human activity other than passive recreation —reverence for the park as it is. These areas lack people along with the necessities needed for their survival so are regarded as pristine wildernesses; that is, if the entire human species was exterminated then the whole world would become a pristine wilderness: a place without justice or purpose or meaning. This folly also includes: —a stance which contradicts the Christian belief that the Almighty created the creatures of the earth for man's use, and is a declared hatred of humanity.
  3. The needless ban of the insecticide DDT, called for by Environmental Dogma that resulted in a huge rise in fatal malarial cases.
  4. The needless, expensive, blunder in banning the use of CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) demanded by Environmentalists.
  5. The attempted unfounded scare campaign against the use of PVC, and Genetically Modified Food, called for by Environmentalists.
  6. The reduction of rural supplies won by legal restrictions upon Farmers and Graziers demanded by Environmentalists.
  7. Preventing the construction of new dams since 1992.
  8. Attempt to: halt the construction of mines; halt Coal mining in Australia; stifle the Australian economy; weaken defence forces.
  9. Irrational ban on the use of Single use plastic bags in super-market shopping.