Horrie the Wog-Dog
by Ion L. Idriess
Written from the diary of Private VX13091 J. B. Moody, A.I.F. in 1945

1Introducing The Desert, The Pup, And The Rebels 14 Horrie Survives Shipwreck
2 The Wog-Dog Enlists 15 The Wog-Dog To The Rescue
3 The Rebels 16 We Lose Murchie
4 Murchie's Asp 17 Horrie Falls In Love
5 One Night in Alexandria 18 The Hazards Of Peace
6 Deep Laid Plans 19 Imshi To The Rescue
7 The Wog-Dog Embarks for the Front 20 The Wog-Dog Attacks The Wolf
8 The Wog-Dog Under Fire21 The Wog-Dog In Danger
9 The Wog-Dog Conquers Greece 22 Horrie In Peril
10 The Wog-Dog Saves Lives 23 Horrie Takes It On The Chin
11 The Hell Of War 24 The Stowaway
12 Murchie Stages A Private War 25The Aussie-Dog
13The Bitter RetreatPhotographs
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