Bishop Henry Phillpotts (1778-1869)
From 1800-1829 Literary Anecdotes

THE Bishop was renowned for his suave and courtly manners, his charming voice, and the subtle precision of its modulations ...

At one of his luncheon-parties he was specially kind to a country clergyman's wife, who knew none of the company, and he took her out on a terrace in order to show her the view—a view of the sea shut in by the crags of a small cove.

`Ah, my lord,' gasped the lady, `it reminds one so much of Switzerland.'
`Precisely,' said the Bishop, `except that there we have the mountains without the sea, and here we have the sea without the mountains.'

From W. H. Mallock, Memoirs of Life and Literature (1920), p. 24.

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