Charles Stuart Calverley (1831-1884)
From Literary Anecdotes About 19th Century Authors Born After 1829

Calverley was my junior by some years, so that I had not the privilege of knowing him at Cambridge, but in after-years I often met him. We were neighbours at Grasmere for a whole summer, when I saw a great deal of him. His classical attainments were of course far beyond me, but not more so than his physical gifts. He was the best runner and jumper I ever knew; but my admiration never led me to imitate him. Nevertheless, in company with W. and S., his almost equally athletic friends, and himself, I was once persuaded to climb Sca Fell from Wastwater. They went up it like mountain cats, while I (like panting Time) toiled after them in vain. `The labour we delight in physics Payn,' was his appropriate quotation.

From James Payn, Some Literary Recollections (1884), pp. 180-181.

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