Sir James Barrie (1860-1937)
From Literary Anecdotes About 19th Century Authors Born After 1829

IT was one of the Llewelyn-Davies children who in very early days unconsciously provided Barrie with the `copy' for the lines afterwards spoken in Peter Pan by the little boy in his night-shirt.

`You'll be sick tomorrow, Jack, if you eat any more chocolates,' Sylvia remarked severely to her small son during a picnic at which the dramatist was one of the guests.

`I shall be sick tonight,' replied the child laconically, helping himself to another sweetmeat.

So delighted was Barrie at this epigram that he offered the child a royalty of a halfpenny a performance for the copyright. The offer was promptly accepted, and must have proved a good financial investment for the youngster.

From Mrs. J. Comyns Carr's Reminiscences, ed. Eve Adams (1926), p. 93.

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