Some Of The Restrictions On Brisbane Home Owners
The Courier-Mail, 10/8/2002

Noise No operating power tools or mowing equipment between 7pm and 7am (and 8am on Sundays).
No audible noise from swimming pool pumps and air-conditioning units between 10pm and 7am, and no more than 50 decibels during the day.
Dogs must not bark for more than six minutes in any hour between 7am and 10pm, or more than three minutes an hour between 10pm and 7am. If not controlled, home owners can be taken to court or dog may be removed from premises.
Cannot have music from parties after 11pm. Regulated by police.
Flushing boat engines — not above 50 decibels from 7pm to 7am (8am on Sundays)

Back Yards Vegetation must not hang over the footpath from yard.
More than 60,000 property owners covered by Vegetation Protection Orders, which require council permission to remove vegetation.
Burning of rubbish including grass clippings, leaves and branches in back yards prohibited. Also unlawful to have noxious weeds.
Odours from Compost to be restricted, If deemed by council to be unreasonable, it can be classified as an environmental nuisance and a $120 fine.
Cannot allow rainwater to collect in receptacles where mosquitoes can breed.
Swimming pools must be fenced

Pets Only two dogs and cats allowed for each property. Dogs must be registered. $150 fine for non-registration.
Animals must be properly fenced in.
Unlawful to keep a pig or rooster, or a horse in an area less than 800sq m.

Parking Not allowed to park on footpath, even in driveway between property boundary and gutter. Fine $150.
Cannot park work truck in street. Fine $300.

Other Only one sign allowed per garage sale. Penalty $375 fine.
Not allowed to advertise your car for sale in the street outside your home. Fine $375.
Fences cannot be more than 2m high. If you want to build higher, you must gain permission

Proposed Jetties, pontoons, swimming pools and tennis courts to be effectively banned from the shores of the Brisbane River's upper reaches under proposed river management plan.
Planned amendments to the City Plan will prohibit open fireplaces being built after 2004, while owners of excessively smoky wood heaters or fireplaces face fines of up to $300.
A ban on electric hot-water systems in all new homes, and a requirement to use energy-efficient design elements such as larger eaves, skylights and insulated pipes.
All new "significant structures" in the traditional timber and tin areas be subject to character design guidelines, including garages and carports.

NOTE: Similar restrictions apply to other councils.