Undeniable Signs Of Communal Senility
From 'A Study Of Our Decline' by P Atkinson (14/12/2015)

Our community's growing inability to do anything sensible is confirmed by our inability to control our children. In the year 2000 the community could not control a 14-year-old child and by the year 2011 it could not control a 3-year-old child. As our community slides into dementia and impotence everything deteriorates so that today's woes will become trivial when viewed in the light of future ordeals. After present failures have provided their own fruit the symptoms listed here will seem naught, but this inevitable dilution of impact in no way reduces the significance of the following signs of social decay:

A Creeping Paralysis

Technology Making it Worse

Law: From Protector to Persecutor

The Retreat From Reason

The Crumbling Of Order