Multiculturalism: Its Real Nature and Origin
From ‘A Study of Our Decline’ by P Atkinson (March 2003)

Cultures Do Not Mix; They Clash
Multiculturalism is a denial of the simple truth that cultures clash. The proponents of multiculturalism attack this truth by claiming that:

All the different cultures can live like one big happy family as soon as we get rid of the bad people—the racists, sexists, fascists, chauvinists, bigots, rednecks etc.—all those who will not change their beliefs to match fashion.

They do not utter these words directly, because such a plain statement immediately reveals the absurdity of multiculturalism, but this is what they imply by their words and deeds. The flaws of their notion are easy to realise as different cultures have different beliefs that make them incompatible. For example, either:

All of these conflicting values are the choices of cultures with adherents in Australia, but it is clear that only one course of action can be followed, so one culture must dominate.

Australian Culture is Australian Law
The single set of values that reign in Australia is Australian culture, which is the law of the land, and anybody attempting to inflict opposing cultural values will suffer legal penalty; which means that to uphold law and order the values of other cultures must be denied. Indeed, Australian society does not only forbid practices that contravene Australian common law, but have extended Commonwealth statutes precisely to proscribe behaviour that has no impact upon ourselves, but which is considered unacceptable. Our multicultural regime has judged female excision as too awful to allow, even though it is practised by millions throughout the world and affects only those belonging to alien cultures. This prohibition is a clear admission that there are barbaric practices that cannot be allowed, which is a claim that there are people who practice barbarism, Barbarians, who must be resisted—a contradiction of their own Multicultural creed.

The Impact of Multiculturalism
The difference in understanding between cultures makes different cultures enemies, who will struggle to impose their wills upon each other. Western civilisation itself is made up of similar but different cultures who themselves have constantly strived to dominate one another, often through war. The inevitable impact of multiculturalism upon Australia, and all the other countries that adopt it, is cultural suicide. By allowing the people of different cultures to enter Australia, Australians are allowing their culture, which is their society, to be overrun by alien cultures (Barbarians).

Multiculturalism is not a rational idea, but is part of the tyranny of wishful thinking that inevitably accompanies the decay of reason (see political correctness). Anyone who tries to resist the hysteria of multiculturalism is immediately stigmatised as a racist, a redneck, a chauvinist, fascist or whatever, and subject to persecution. In this way the nonsense of multiculturalism is promoted, and truth suppressed.

For further reading see Multiculturalism in Australia by Dr. Mark Cooray.