The Universal State
The Collapse of Nationality
From 'Impact of Decline' by P Atkinson (07-Jan-21)

The replacement of the separate countries of Europe with a single state — The European Union — was predicted by Professor Arnold Toynbee in "A Study Of History" (1952) as part of the decline of a civilisation.

Toynbee observed that as a civilisation collapsed, the separate countries making up the civilisation merged into one unit — a universal state:

"..these societies starting as unities on the cultural plane, without being united on the political plane. This régime is favourable to social and cultural progress; but its price is chronic warfare between the local states;..,after a long drawn out 'time of troubles', is belatedly retrieved by the establishment of a universal state."—Part I 'The Shape Of History': Chapter 7 Hellenic and Chinese models

Toynbee thereby predicted the transition of Europe from a number of quarrelling nations, into a single community known as 'The European Union', but Toynbee also made it clear that such unity was a symptom of disintegration not growth:

"Universal states are, let us remind ourselves, essentially negative institutions. In the first place, they arise after, and not before, the breakdowns of the civilizations to which they bring political unity." — Part V 'The Disintegrations Of Civilizations': Chapter 32 Universal States: Ends Or Means

Why Universal States Appear
While Toynbee was accurate in his observations he had no clear idea of the mechanism involved. He did not know that a community is a unique shared understanding held by a particular racial group, which can only exist as long as the majority of its citizens are unselfish. For the moment the majority become selfish, traditions are discarded along with concern for their racial character. That is, the community loses both its sanity and its racial identity: its nationality. The citizens of Western Civilisation no longer pride themselves on being white Christians, and their once separate nations have become merely a mass of insane humanity with no religion or distinct racial character: a universal state.

The Nature Of The Citizens Of A Universal State
The Englishman with the stiff-upper lip who eats stodgy food and plays cricket; the humourless German who eats cabbage and sausages; the excitable, verbose, Frenchman who drinks wine; they have all been replaced by citizens with no sensible tradition. The political borders which previously separated peoples with separate, distinct notions of duty and justice — a nationality — have become meaningless lines on a map indicating where these nations once were; for now all these once different peoples have become united by selfishness, which is concerned not about religion or race but self-interest — a rabble; whose only borders are those set by geography.

The citizens of a universal state are merely a mass of selfish individuals, bound together by a corrupt, inept, bureaucracy, intent only upon exploiting each other, while avoiding all demands of self-sacrifice; ruled by the superstition that their unfettered fears and fancies spawn, such as 'Global Warming' or 'Multiculturalism'. (see the historical example of Byzantium)

The Executioners Of Civilisation
This chaos wins the appearance of criminal gangs concerned only with themselves and the plunder they can get, regardless of the national destruction they impose. That is, they form drug cartels and terrorist organisations such as Isis and Hezbollah, which will eventually prove stronger than national governments and so will destroy civilization.