Teenager "Butcher's" His Mother And Sister
'Teenager in court for homicide charges' by David Murray The Courier-Mail, 30/1/2014

A TEENAGER accused of murdering his mother and younger sister appeared briefly in the Childrens' Court yesterday charged with two counts of homicide.

Looking pale and sullen in the dock, the teenager waved away his teary grandmother when she reached out towards him from the public gallery.

Rake-thin, with long straight hair hanging below his shoulders, he was dressed in a prison-issue brown jumper and long pants.

He was represented by a legal aid lawyer and listened quietly as Magistrate Damian Carroll told him the court was unable to grant bail in cases of such serious charges.

Police discovered the bodies of his mother and sister on Wednesday morning after a call from the family home. They had been stabbed to death and police suspect there was a significant gap between the murders and the phone call.

As the teenager faced court, more details emerged about him.

A girl, 16, who knew him when he was 11, said he frequently ran away from school. Schoolmates said he constantly dressed in long black clothing.

"You could never see his face. He always had his head down," one student said.

Education Queensland refused to comment yesterday but a statement was issued on behalf of his sister's school.

"This is an absolute shock and tragedy and the school's thoughts and prayers are with the family at this terrible time. Our sole priority now is for the welfare and well-being of all staff and students," the statement said.

The case is due to return to court on May 1.