Teen Murders To Fulfil A Childhood Fantasy
' Teen suspect dreamt of killing' by Tony Keim The Courier-Mail, 27/11/2013

Eunji Ban was the victim of a random thrill killing, dying at the hands of a Brisbane teenager who had fantasised about murder since he was a child, police will allege.

Alex Reuben McEwan, 19, was on the streets of Brisbane's CBD hunting for a victim when he attacked the 22-year-old South Korean student as she walked to work as a cleaner, detectives will allege.

The Spring Hill apprentice spraypainter, was arrested late on Monday, 36 hours after a crime that has shocked Queensland, after police allegedly received a tip-off from McEwan's mate.

Police will allege McEwan believed from childhood he would grow up to be a killer — often dreaming about it or drawing pictures of savage murders.

McEwan went out on Sunday morning with the express purpose of killing someone and Ms Ban was the first person to cross his path, police will allege.

It is expected police will allege when officers arrested McEwan he was wearing a fresh plaster cast for a broken hand sustained in the attack.

McEwan allegedly screamed at Ms Ban to die as he repeatedly punched and stomped her and placed his shirt in her mouth to stifle her screams.

Police will claim he then dragged Ms Ban up a set of concrete and stone steps and hid her body behind a tree. The accused killer allegedly left items in the branches.

A subdued McEwan entered the dock of Court 3 of the Brisbane Magistrates Court shortly before noon yesterday wearing a brown prison issue tracksuit top and shorts. McEwan walked sideways into court and sat with his back to everyone but Magistrate Jacqui Payne during a three-minute hearing. McEwan was not required to speak during the proceedings.

Ms Payne ordered McEwan be held in custody for further mention of his case on December 16.

During the attack, police say McEwan lay down next to Ms Ban in the hope passing cars would suspect the pair to be a drunken couple.

Police say Ms Ban was last seen leaving her Parkland Blvd home to go to work at 3.56 am on Sunday.

They believe she was killed just minutes later. McEwan will next appear via videolink from prison in Court 18 of the Brisbane Magistrates Court for committal mention of one count of murder.