Edward Hyde: The First Earl Of Clarendon (1609-1674)

Edward Hyde: The First Earl Of Clarendon

English statesman and historian, born near Salisbury, Wiltshire, S England, UK. Retrained as a lawyer, and in 1640 became a member of the Short Parliament. At first he supported the popular party, but in 1641 became a close adviser of Charles I, and headed the Royalist Opposition in the Commons until 1642. He was knighted in 1643, and made Chancellor of the Exchequer. He became High Chancellor (1658), and at the Restoration was created Baron Hyde (1660) and Earl of Clarendon (1661). In 1660 his daughter Anne(1638-1671) secretly married the king's brother, James (later James II). Unpopular as a statesman, Clarendon irritated Cavaliers and Puritans alike, and in 1667 he fell victim to a court cabal. Impeached for high treason, he left the country for France. His major work is the 'History of the Rebellion in England' (3 vols, 1704-1707).