Selected Prose Of Edmund Burke
Edited and introduced by Sir Philip Magnus (1948)

'Character' Of His Future Bride
Thoughts On The Cause Of The Present Discontents
American Taxation (Speech)
To The Electors Of Bristol (Speech)
Conciliation With America
Letter To The Hon. Charles James Fox
The Plan For Economical Reform, (Speech) 1780
At Bristol Previous To The Election, 1780 (Speech)
Declining The Poll At Bristol (Speech)
Mr. Fox's East India Bill (Speech)
The Nabob Of Arcot's Debts (Speech)
The Impeachment Of Warren Hastings (Speech)
Reflections On The Revolution In France
Letter To Philip Francis, Esq.,
Letter From The New To The Old Whigs, 1791
The Roman Catholics Of Ireland (Letter)
Replying To The Evidence Called For Warren Hastings
Catholic Emancipation, Letter To William Smith, Esq.
Innovation Is Not Reform, Letter To William Elliot, Esq.
Extract From 'A Letter To A Noble Lord'
First Letter On A Regicide Peace