The Decline Of Our Civilization Is All In My Perception
My Response To E-mail by Mark Thogersen

Dear Sir,
Thankyou for your comment about "A Study Of Our Decline"

I agree with your words "your view of this civilization's decline is all in your perception", how could it be otherwise? My opinion is, like all opinions, a claim to truth. And like all opinions it stands or falls on its own merits. If you can refute any of the many claims in my work please do so, otherwise you should reflect upon your motives in sending your comment. If my claims are correct, then you have attempted suppress the truth — an act of evil. And you have done this without invoking any rational basis for your opinion.

The 'huge picture' could well be beyond your conception, but that does not mean others cannot understand it. If you wish to be happy and ignorant, then so be it, but it is a failure of duty and a denial of truth.

Your action is conceit masquerading as judgement. And this crime is not offset by the affectation of concern about my happiness.

Kind regards,
Philip Atkinson