Letter 63
From The Journal To Stella by Jonathan Swift (see Modern spelling)

[London. Monday, April 13, through Saturday, April 18, 1713]

13. This Morning My Friend Mr Lewis came to me, and shewed me an Order for a Warrant for the 3 vacant Deanryes, but none of them to me; this was what I always foresaw., and receive the notice of it better I believe than he expected. I bid Mr Lewis tell Ld Tr that I took nothing ill of him, but his not giving me timely notice, as he promised to do, if he found the Qu would do nothing for me. at Noon Ld Tr hearing, I was in Mr Lewis's Office, came to me, & sd many things too long to repeat. I told him I had nothing to do but go to Ireld immediatly, for I could not with any Reputation stay longer here, unless I had somethink honorabl immediatly given to me; we dined togethr at D. Ormds, he there told me, he had stopt the Warrants for the Deans, that what was done for me, might be at the same time, & he hoped to compass it to night; but I believe him not. I told the D. Ormd my Intentions; He is content Steam should be a Bp, & I have St Patricks; but I believe nothing will come of it; for stay I will not; and so I believe for all [oo..........oo] may see me in Dublin before April ends. I am less out of humor than you would imagine, & if it were not that impertinent People will condole with me, as they used to give me Joy, I would value it less: but I will avoid company, & muster up my Baggages & send them next Monday by the Carrier to Chester, and come & see my Willows, agst the Expectation of all the World. hat [care I. Nite deelest logues Md].

14. I dined in the City to day, and ordered a Lodging to be got ready for me agst I come to pack up my things; for I will leave this end of the Town as soon as ever the warrants for the Deanryes are out, wch are yet stopt: Ld Tr told Mr Lewis, that it should be determined to night; & so he will for a hundred nights, so he said yesterday; but I value it not, my daily journall shall be but short, till I gett into the City, & then I will send away this; and follow it my self, and design to walk it all the way to Chester my man & I by 10 miles a day; it will do my Health a great deal of good; I shll do it in 14 days. [Nite dee Md].

15. Ld Bol— made me dine with him to day, I was as good company as ever; & told me the Qu would determine something for me to night, the dispute is Windsor or St Patricks: I told him I would not stay for their disputes, & he thought I was in the right. Ld Masham told me that Ldy Masham is angry I have not been to see her since this Business: & desires I will come to morrow. [Nite deelest Md.]

16. I was this noon at Ldy Mashams, who was just come from Kensington where her eldest son is sick; she said much to me of what she had talkt to Qu— & Ld Tr. the poor Ldy fell a [crying] shedding tears openly: She coud not bear to think of my having St Patricks etc. I was never more moved than to see so much Friendship: I woud not stay with her, but went and dined with Dr Arbuthnot, with Mr Berkeley one of your Fellows, whom I have recommended to the Dr, & to Ld Berkeley of Stratton Mr Lewis tells me, that D. Ormd has been to day with Qu— & she was content that Dr Steam should be Bp of Dromore and I Dean of St Patricks, but then out came Ld Tr, & sd he would not be satisfied, but that I must be Prebend of Windsor, thus he perplexes things—I expect neither: but I confess, as much as I love Engld, I am so angry at this Treatmt, that if I had my Choice I would rather have St Patricks. Ldy Masham says she will speak to purpose to Qu— tomorrow. [Nite......Md.]

17.I went to dine at Ldy Mashams to day, & she was taken ill of a sore throat, & Aguish; She spoke to Qu last night, but had not much time. Qu— says she will determine to morrow with Ld Tr. The warrants for the Deanry's are still stopt, for fear I should be gone. Do you think any thing will be done: I don't care whethr it is or no, In the mean time I prepare for my Journy; and see no great People; nor will see Ld Tr any more, if I go. Ld Tr. tod Mr Lewis it should be done to night, so he sd 5 nights ago. [Nite Md.]

18. This morning Mr Lewis sent me word that Ld Tr told him, Qu would determine at noon. at 3 Ld Tr sent to me to come to his Lodgings at St James's, and tod me the Qu was at last resolved, that Dr Stearn should be Bp Dromore, and I Dean of St Patrick: and tht Stearns warrant should be drawn immediatly. You know the Deanry is in the D. Ormonds gift, but this is concerted between the Qu— Ld Tr, & D. Ormd, to make room for me. I do not know whethr it will yet be done, some unlucky Accident may yet come; neither can I feel Joy at passing my days in Ireld: and I confess I thought the Ministry would not let me go; but perhaps thy cant help it. [Nite Md.]
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