The Exercise Myth
by Dr Henry Solomon (1985)

Why the exercise fad is folly.


1The Exercise Marketplace
2The Heart of the Matter
3What Stress Tests Don't Tell
4The Case against Longevity
5The Inside Evidence
6The Magic Runner
7The Dangers of Exercise
8A Better Way

It is the duty of every citizen to promote knowledge, with urgency given to that saving lives. This book was written to save lives, and I have published it for the same reason. People who restrict such knowledge for private profit are enemies of truth and humanity.

Access to the full text has been removed following menaces on July, 2003 from Harcourt Trade Publishers, who demand $770 US for a license to display one chapter. No discussion, either pay or else, though speedy granting of a license could be obtained by paying an extra fee; such extortion is becoming common-place.