Selected Bibliography
From Introduction To Tolstoy's Writings by Ernest J Simmons (1968)

With the exception of a few of Tolstoy's writings on education, English translations of all the literary and non-literary works treated in this book may be found in numerous publications of individual and collected works. Though the complete works of Tolstoy have never been published in English, among the several editions of his collected works I would draw attention to what I consider the best such edition: Tolstoy Centenary Edition, translated by Louise and Aylmer Maude (21 vols.; London: Oxford University Press, 1928-37).

For a comprehensive listing of titles, in Russian and other languages, concerned with all aspects of Tolstoy's life and works, see "Bibliographical Survey" in the special limited edition of Leo Tolstoy by Ernest J. Simmons (Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1946).

Below are a few biographical and critical studies in English of Tolstoy's life and works that may serve the further interests of readers of this book.

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