sun of justice
Note to the Qui Judicatis Terram from Unto This Last by John Ruskin

More accurately, Sun of Justness ; but, instead of the harsh word "Justness", the old English "Righteousness" being commonly employed, has, by getting confused with "godliness", or attracting about it various vague and broken meanings, prevented most persons from receiving the force of the passages in which it occurs. The word "righteousness" properly refers to the justice of rule, or right, as distinguished from "equity", which refers to the justice of balance. More broadly, Righteousness is King's justice; and Equity, Judge's justice; the King guiding or ruling all, the Judge dividing or discerning between opposites (therefore, the double question, "Man, who made me a ruler — Ancient Greek — or a divider— Ancient Greek — over you?") Thus, with respect to the Justice of Choice (selection, the feebler and passive justice), we have from lego, — lex, legal, loi, and loyal; and with respect to the Justice of Rule (direction, the stronger and active justice), we have from rego, — rex, regal, roi, and royal.