Note to the Law & Governments: Labour & Riches by John Ruskin

Thetic, or Thesmic, would perhaps be a better term than Archic; but liable to be confused with some which we shall want relating to Theoria. The administrators of the three great divisions of law are severally Archons, Merists, and Dicasts. The Archons are the true princes, or beginners of things; or leaders (as of an orchestra); the Merists are properly the Domini, or Lords (law-words) of houses and nations; the Dicasts properly the judges, and that with Olympian justice, which reaches to heaven and bell. The violation of archic law is Ancient Greek (error) Ancient Greek (failure), Ancient Greek (discord). The violation of meristic law is Ancient Greek (iniquity). The violation of critic law is Ancient Greek (injury). Iniquity is central generic term; for all law is fatal; it is the division to men of their fate; as the fold of their pasture, it is Ancient Greek; as the assigning of their portion, Ancient Greek