indolent pampered being
Note from 'Natalia', Chapter 10 of The Great Trek by Oliver Ransford

This was flattering compared with the most of our descriptions of Mpande's physical charms, but it is only fair to note that the French traveller Delegorgue held to a very different opinion. He was so taken by the Prince that with Gallic enthusiasm Delegorgue wrote of his 'brilliant black eye, deepset, well-guarded by an advanced frontal angle, a high forehead, straight at the sides on which the trace of wrinkles was beginning to be perceived, a nose of usual mould with gristles boldly shown, a large mouth often smiling with the smile which means "I understand", a square chin indicating resolution; in fact a large head, well formed, borne on a superb body shining with plumpness, but on which the carriage was so noble...the gestures so precise that a Parisian might well have believed that Pande [sic] in his youth had frequented the palaces of kings'.