Note by A Milnes to Wish To Be A Poet a chapter of The Life Of Pope

"Among the English poets, Cowley, Milton, and Pope might be said "to lisp in numbers"; and have given such early proofs, not only of powers of language, but of comprehension of things, as to more tardy minds seems scarcely credible. But of the learned puerilities of Cowley there is no doubt, since a volume of his poems was not only written but printed in his thirteenth year, containing, with other poetical compositions, "The Tragical History of Pyramus and Thisbe," written when he was ten years old; and "Constantia and Philetus," written two years after.' — Johnson's Life of Cowley.

The `thirteenth year' of the above extract is, however, incorrect. Cowley was born in 1618, and this book was printed in 1633, his fifteenth year.

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