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Note by A Milnes to the Introduction to The Life Of Dryden

Derrick's authority may have been the reproaches afterwards mentioned, as for instance Langbaine, ` Account of the Dramatic Poets ,' p. 139.

'He (Dryden) has ridiculed the several professions of Lutherans, Calvinists, Presbyterians, Huguenots, Anabaptists, Independents, Quakers, etc., though I must observe by the way that some people among the persuasions here mentioned might justly have expected better usage from him on account of his old acquaintance in the year 1659.'

Langbaine's 'Account' was first published in 1691. So also in the 'Reflections on the pretended Parallel in the play called the "Duke of Guise," ' an attack on him attributed to T. Shadwell (published 1683), we read—

'And 'tis not enough when he meets some of his old acquaintances (whom he knows to be of an opinion he once professed to be of, and much different from what he now pretends),' etc.

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