Note by A Milnes to As A Writer a chapter of The Life Of Dryden

Charles, born 1661, educated at Westminster and Trinity College Cambridge. First noticed for his ode on the death of Charles II, he came to London and joined Prior in 'The City Mouse and the Country Mouse,' on which the Earl of Dorset became his patron and brought him into public life. He was one of those who invited over William III, by whom he was raised to be commissioner of the Treasury, which gave him a seat in the Privy Council. Here he so distinguished himself in finance that on the formation of the Junto Ministry he was made Chancellor of the Exchequer. His administration of that office is memorable for the establishment of the Bank of England and the reform of the debased coinage. He was one of the Lords Justices of England to whom the administration of affairs was entrusted during William's absence in 1698 and 1699. He was raised to the peerage as Baron Halifax in 1700.

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