Note by A Milnes to As A Playwright a chapter of The Life Of Dryden

'Sir Martin Marrall' was translated from the French by William, Duke of Newcastle, and by him presented to Dryden, who revised it and adapted it for the stage. Johnson does not seem to care to enquire how true Langbaine's statement was about translation from Voiture. The following stanza puts it beyond a doubt:—

'My days and my nights
Are filled to the purpose with sorrows and frights;
From my heart still I sigh,
And my eyes are never dry;
So that, Cupid be praised,
I am to the top of Love's happiness raised.'—Sir Martin Marrall.
'Mes jours et mes nuits
Out bien pen, de repos et beaucoup d'ennemis;
Je me meurs de langeur,
J'ai le feu dans le coeur,
Je suis amoureux,
Et le ciel ne voit point d'amant plus heureux.'— Chanson de Voiture

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